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improved quality and services within cleaning

Cleaning of buildings

Our traditional core service. We have delivered such services with top quality since 1910!

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Our offer:

Expert advice and
a consistently high quality level

Services for the health sector

Whether in the operation theatre, the intensive care unit, making beds, or thorough cleaning with mops – P&P provides a full range of hygienic solutions that always are of the very best quality.

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Industrial cleaning and cleaning of clean rooms

Industrial cleaning / cleaning of clean rooms

We deliver the full range of cleaning services, from cleaning workshop and manufacturing halls, to maintenance of machinery and production facilities. P&P can always give you a detailed and tailored offer!

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Our offer:

All the work in and around your property

Facility management

Are you looking for a supplier to handle all facility management tasks for your property? Contact P&P Facility Services AS!

Our facility management:

Cleaning of buildings Services for the health sector Industrial cleaning Facility management

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We perform our job with expertise and passion
We behave correctly towards our customers and employees
Cost-conscious and perfectly organised
With tradition and responsibility
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Improved quality in cleaning and facility management

Welcome to P&P!

There are still companies that focus on top-quality services within cleaning and facility management. P&P Facility Services AS — abrv. P&P — is such a company. Since the start in 1910, we have cleaned buildings, and we offer quality within this traditional service craft — with top quality for our customers.

We currently have more than 5000 employees across Germany. The most important reason for our success is that we set new standards for quality and price — for our customers. And not just within cleaning …

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