Mat replacement service

Mat replacement service

Clean premises from the door

The P&P mat replacement service

Annoying, not pleasing to the eye, and quickly a major expense — dirt that customers often bring with them in to your premises can be all of the above. Especially on rainy or snowy days, dust, dirt, humidity and gravel find their way in on shoes, where from the door it spreads throughout the premises.

Not only does it not look good. Dirt wears down your floor coverings, and soon they will need replacing.

We dislike this just as much as you do. And for this very reason, we have established a mat replacement service that covers all of Germany!

By regularly replacing the mats, we prevent dirt from spreading further into the building. We ensure that the entry area is clean and tidy, and contribute to extend the lifetime of your floor covering. The replacement frequency for the mats is, of course, determined by your needs - with less during summer and more during winter.

You can receive an offer from our mat replacement service by calling +47 51 66 10 10

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